Officer's Quarters

The Forward Battery holds the officers' shower, pantry, sleeping quarters and the wardroom, where the officers eat, hold meetings and play cards. While officers have the luxury of their own beds, only the captain has his own private cabin, identified by the compass and depth gauge at the foot of the bed. The yeoman, or ship's secretary, mans the tiny office at the end of the passageway. The officers' head is located in the Forward Torpedo Room.

The Officer's Wardroom
Officer's Wardroom

One of the Junior Officers' Staterooms
Junior Officers' Room

Below, in a photo taken during WW-II, LCDR Edwin M. Westbrook, Jr., Cod's commanding officer, relaxes in his bunk while on war patrol. (His pajamas are definitely not Navy issue!) Note the Gyrocompass Repeater and Depth Gauge at the foot of his bunk. Though temporarily "off duty" he was, in fact, always "on call" and always aware of Cod's situation.

Skipper relaxing in his stateroom
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