QuickTime VR tour of USS COD

These QuickTime Virtual Reality image files are large, and may take considerable time to download for visitors with dial-in Internet access. The images are very current and provide a good idea of COD's present state of preservation and restoration.

QuickTime VR 360-degree "3D" Scans:

  • Topside Aft
  • Forward Torpedo Room (view 1)
  • Forward Torpedo Room (view 2)
  • Forward Battery Passageway
  • Officer's Wardroom
  • Control Room
  • Conning Tower
  • Forward Bridge Deck
  • Pump Room (below Control Room)
  • Radio Room (aka Radio Shack)
  • Galley
  • Crew's Mess
  • Crew's After Battery Berthing Area
  • Forward Engine Room
  • After Engine Room
  • Manuevering Room
  • After Torpedo Room (view 1)
  • After Torpedo Room (view 2)
    Note: These QuickTime VR photos and renderings are by James Popovic of
    Last revised 11-Dec-2014
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