The Mark-14 torpedo shown here being loaded into Cod's forward torpedo room on 13 August 1998 is a cut-away of an actual World War II steam torpedo. All of the internal mechanisms are revealed to show the intricate details of this complex mechanism for our visitors.

Once the crane has placed the torpedo on the slanted external platform above the torpedo loading hatch the remainder of the procedure is all accomplished by hand using rope lines and chain falls.

The cut-away Mark-14 torpedo is being lowered below through Cod's forward torpedo loading hatch by crewmen Carl Seitz and Bob Leader on the snubbing lines under the watchful eye of Chief John Culp. Because Cod is the only remaining WW-II fleet boat that has not been modified to provide stairways she provides the only opportunity for reenacting this WW-II torpedo loading procedure.

Chief Culp and crewman Carl Seitz prepare one of Cod's torpedo trays in the Forward Torpedo Room. The tray will be pivoted from it's forward end to the proper angle for receiving the torpedo as it is lowered from the deck above through the torpedo loading hatch. It will then be brought back to level at the appropriate height and then slid to one side of the compartment.

An unmodified Mark 14 torpedo has been lowered below and is being prepared for leveling by Darrel Flint and Carl Seitz.

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