USS COD SS-224 World War II Fleet Submarine
USS Cod off Mare Island following a refit in February, 1945.
The USS COD Submarine Memorial is a National Historic Landmark and is docked in Cleveland, Ohio.

USS COD Submarine Memorial is closed to daily general public tours as of September 30th. Group tours can be arranged, weather permitting, by contacting us at You may also contact us here or call us at (216)-566-8770.

01 May 2014 --> USS COD opens for season.
12 July 2014 --> O19 Comemoration Day
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Other News
We recently acquired two GM Cleveland Model 248 engines that had originally been used aboard another WW-II submarine, USS Stingray SS-186. The two engines will be used for parts for the restoration of Cod's engines. These very large V-16, 1,600 HP diesel engines were originally built right here in Cleveland, Ohio -- the last in 1943. Each engine, with its attached DC electrical generator, weighs about 43,000 pounds (21,000 kG). Here is a photo showing one of these engines loaded aboard a transporter. click here

Cod's Mark IV Torpedo Data Computer has been restored to full operation. Click here to see a few photos of this amazing mechanical computer.

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